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We are guided by the maxim:

``High quality of medical services
is the patient’s right and obligation for us''

We are an independent public health care establishment of the second grade reference. The qualified staff ensures the specialistic treatment at the high level. We are specialised in the treatment for the respiratory system, and internal illnesses as well as for those of osteroarticular system in compliance with the rehabilitation treatment.

The hospital renders high-specialised services for the Westpomeranian Region and is the only centre of thoracic, orthopaedic and traumatic surgery (among others of the vertebral column traumas). The specialistic nature of health services rendered, especially in the scope of thoracic - surgery and traumatology institute one of our main trumps.

On the terrain of the hospital there is an orthopaedic and traumatology clinic and pneumology professorship of the Pomeranian Medical Academy.

Good cooperation of pneumology department and thoracic surgery enabled the medical staff to achieve index of operative treatment of lung cancer, which is the best one in Poland, and close to that one of European standards.

In the hospital there are carried out all operative thoracic - surgery procedures, i.e. pneumonectomy, pleural drainage, Daniel’s biopsy and off other lymph nodes, transthoracal biopsies, etc.

In the frames of the respiratory system diagnostics there are laboratories acting in the hospital such as x – ray, spirography, bronchoscopy, bronchofiberoscopy, CT.

The Specialistic Hospital as the only in the Westpomeranian voivodeship ensures the operative treatment of vertebral column traumas. The full scope of orthopaedia and traumatology is carried out in the hospital, too.

The traumatologic department renders also services in the range of orthopaedic diagnostics, osseous punctures, artroscopies, osseous densitometric testing, etc.

The patients are delivered not only with the hospital care but also with the rehabilitation treatment. The hospital is equipped with the heated rehabilitation pool and rooms for gymnastics.In the physical therapy department the following treatments are carried out: cryotherapy, diadynamics, ionophoresis, terapulse, laser, magnetotherapy, ultraviolet lamp, kinesitherapy, shortt wave diathermy, whirlpool massage, etc.